POC Website Refresh

UI DeveloperJanuary 2015

A fully responsive, fresh take on Luminant's Power Optimization Center website intended to provide a richer information experience for prospective clients and consequently increase conversions.


What Was There?

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When Luminant’s Power Optimization Center began offering commercial services, no front-facing website existed. A quick WordPress template was stood up and populated with basic information. No time was available consider information architecture and UX/UI design patterns. Consequently, the website only served to provide basic, unstructured information along with a way to contact the POC.

Going To Market

To bring Luminat’s service into the market, I led design and development efforts for the creation of a new, marketing-focused static website for our business unit. My end deliverable was an ADA-compliant, responsive website leveraging Bootstrap V3, HTML5, and SASS precompiled to CSS. JavaScript handled all interaction aspects and was extended by jQuery. During development, I focused on highly-semantic markup tags and well-structured page layouts to aid in indexing and effective SEO. Linting, testing, and build tasks were handled with Grunt. While developing, I also provided support and generated content for our legacy WordPress website. Version control was handled through Git.

This website powered by Gatsby, NetlifyCMS, and clever coding.